About Leah

My name is Leah and I live on a beautiful farm in South Oxfordshire with my husband Andy and our “little ones”, Geoffrey (dog) and Rupert (cat). I enjoy a variety of exercises including running, swimming, cycling, boxing and circuit training which means I love to spend a lot of time outdoors testing my capabilities and growing my strength and fitness. I am goal oriented and like to take part in one or two triathlons per year to keep my training focused. These range from sprint distance to half ironman triathlons.

I believe that health and fitness are achievable for everyone but sometimes you need a little help. This does not require massive lifestyle changes, dieting or 6am gym sessions. We lead busy lives for which dramatic ‘health solutions’ are not always achievable or sustainable. I promote a routine of a bit of exercise every day and cooking from scratch as often as you are able. My services intend to help you achieve this as easily and efficiently as possible.

I work with a variety of clients who struggle to focus properly on their nutrition and activity levels due to the pressures of demanding lives. I help them eat a more nutritional diet and enjoy daily exercise through personal training sessions, nutritional guidance and bespoke meal plans that meet their specific requirements. I meet with clients one-on-one in person, but can also offer my services remotely via video conference and email.


MSc Nutrition, Physical Activity & Public Health

Level 3 REPS Certified Personal Trainer